Who We Are

The Cyber Senate is a growing network and information triage, creating a common voice for the Cyber Security industry. We host events that provide guidance on pressing security issues across key Smart Infrastructure sectors such as Energy, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Transport and Healthcare to further progress public and private information sharing. We are industry leaders in Europe and North America for providing key out reach event platforms for Industrial Control Cyber Security. Attended by Asset Owners, Government influencers and some of the world’s leading subject matter experts and solution providers, our shows provide the international community with an in-depth opportunity to understand the latest methodologies in mitigating risk associated with advanced connectivity.

Our thought leaders and information sharing platforms provide key insight in how we together, can protect critical national infrastructure from evolving threats such as Triton/Trisis, Crash Override, WannaCry, Black Energy, Dragonfly, Stuxnet and Heartbleed, as well as securing the supply chain from 3rd party risk and vulnerabilities associated with the Internet of Things and IIOT. We facilitate required relationships between public and private entities on best practice in developing a culture of cyber awareness, the importance of training and overcoming communication barriers in IT and OT convergence.

We are always looking for the brightest, most educational and authoritative speakers in our respective markets. To be considered please contact marketing @ cybersenate.com