It is a matter of urgency that both public and private sectors develop cross-sector responsibility for driving and delivering improved cybersecurity.  21st-century war will begin and end on a keyboard, with critical infrastructure being the first and most significant target for our adversaries. Crippling water, electricity, power supply, transportation, financial and communications infrastructure are key for nation-state opponents, and a playground for hacktivists. 

We invite you to join Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure conference in Amsterdam on March 26th and 27th at the Crowne Plaza Schiphol. Attendees include CISO’s, IT and Operational Technology directors from the manufacturing, utility, energy, nuclear, maritime, logistics, chemical, financial, telecom, rail, aviation and government sectors. An ideal forum for cross vertical engagement, learning and an opportunity to assess your organisation’s cyber maturity posture.
Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure 
March 26/27th Amsterdam Crowne Plaza Schiphol
Sponsors include Forescout, Unisys, Applied Risk, Owl Cyber Defense
Industry Supporter DNG ISAC
Topics of discussion March 26th and 27th include:

  • Taking a top-down Approach to Organisational Cyber Risk Ownership and Governance

  • The Current State of OT Security and Evolving Threats to CNI

  • Data Breach Case Study

  • Overcoming the Communication Challenges Around Security

  • Quickfire Presentations and Discussion: How are we Going to meet our key Cyber Security Objectives?

  • A Holistic Approach to Technology Security

  • Understanding the Threat Landscape from a Transnational Perspective

  • Developing Trust Across the Supply Chain

  • Achieving Security by Design with a Standards-led Approach

  • Developing Effective Information Sharing Mechanisms for Critical Infrastructure

  • Why secure Digitization needs to be an integral part of Business Strategy

  • Cybersecurity from an Engineer’s Perspective

  • Building Patching and Pen-testing into Operational Norms

  • Attack Case Study: How NPC Ukrenego has Responded to the 2016 Cyber Attack

  • Industrial Cyber Security Threat Intelligence

  • Case Study: Securing the Oil and Gas Supply Chain

  • In Blockchain – Can We Trust or Not?

  • Debate: This house believes that we need to more heavily regulate the components used in critical infrastructure and 5G architectures

  • Case Study: Protecting Electrical Energy and Power Grid Environments

  • Case Study: GDPR Implementation

  • Cyber Exercising for Critical Infrastructure

Speakers include:

  • Phil Cracknell, Cyber Security Specialist, UK Central Government 

  • Sergey Galagan, CIO, NPC Ukrenego 

  • Matias Krempel, Critical Cyber Infrastructure Protection, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH 

  • Jim Linn, CIO/Executive Director, American Gas Association/DNG-ISAC 

  • Tahir Saleem, Senior Specialist OT Security, DEWA 

  • Bobby Singh, CISO and Global Head of Infrastructure Services, TMX 

  • Menno Vlietstra, CIO, Urenco 

  • Gabor Varjas, CISO, MOL Group 

  • Jeroen Gaiser, Senior Security Advisor, Rijkswaterstaat 

  • Jaya Baloo, CISO, KPN Telecom 

  • Franky Thrasher, Manager Nuclear Cybersecurity, Engie Electrabel 

  • Ivo Maritz, CSO/CISO, BKW 

  • Chris Blask, Director, Industrial Control Systems Security Unisys, Unisys 

  • Jalal Bouhdada, Founder, Principal ICS Security Consultant, Applied Risk 

  • Hans Holmer, Director/Cybersecurity, Noetic International 

  • Michalis Kamprianis, Strategic Security Adviser, European GNSS Agency 

  • Marc Lindike, Head of Information Security Assurance, Munich Airport 

  • Bill Nelson, Chair and CEO, Global Resilience Federation 

  • Ragnar Õun, Head of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Department, Estonian Information System Authority 

  • Florian Pennings, Seconded National Expert, ENISA 

  • Rafael Company Peris, Director of Innovation Europe/SAURON’s Project Coordinator, Valenciaport Foundation 

  • Johan Rambi, EE-ISAC Member, EE-ISAC 

  • Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISA 

  • Meha Shukla, Cyber Security Risk Assesment Consultant/PhD Candidate, physical & cybersecurity of smart street infrastructure, UCL 

  • Ferdinand Uittenbogaard, AVG GDPR Specialist, Ministerie van Defensie 

  • Captain Conrad Veerman, Compliance Officer, Ministerie van Defensie

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References from global subject matter experts that work annually with the Cyber Senate are available upon request.