Supply Chain Cybersecurity Cyber Senate Control Systems Podcast with Industrial Defender.

Cyber Senate were pleased to catch up with Jeremy Morgan, Principal Risk and Solutions Consultant at Industrial Defender to discuss the panel theme “Supply Chain Cybersecurity” that will take place March 29-31st online for the Cyber Senate Control Systems Cybersecurity Conference 2021 EST. 
In his role at Industrial Defender, Jeremy helps ICS asset owners build a strong foundation to apply security controls in OT environments. With a diverse career spanning compliance management at a utility to cybersecurity product management for a major OEM, Jeremy has over 20 years’ experience in IT and OT cybersecurity.

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Panel: Supply Chain Risk and Maturity

30-03-2021, 15:30 – 16:10

Supply Chain Cyber Security is taking center stage and is our biggest risk.
-Are we identifying risk in the supply chain?
-How are we doing this and if not how can we improve?
-Information Sharing on supply chain threats, common practices, challenges and ways we can improve
-How can we more effectively build trust with our suppliers and industry peers?
-How can we better communicate supply chain risk?
-Sourcing and Procurement – how can we better communicate cyber risk contractually and move away from the ‘break and fix’ model with our suppliers
-Lets look closer at how vendors, infosec leaders and engineering are working -together in ensuring security of OT products