“While the move to 5G mobile deployments presents a wealth of opportunities and capabilities for us all, the technology also introduces new vulnerabilities and threats. There are three main threat vectors across the various 5G domains and within these are sub-threats that describe additional points of vulnerability for threat actors to exploit. While not all inclusive, these types of threats have the potential to increase risk to a particular mobile operator as they transitions to 5G. The Policy and Standards, securing the Supply Chain and finally the 5G systems architecture itself all have various vulnerabilities associated with them and are the foundation for securing the 5G future infrastructure. These threats could be cascaded by attackers to further leverage access to your 5G network and compromise hosts or the endpoint user devices be it a IoT device, a handset or a connected vehicle. This overview will attempt to show these threats and specific issues that might pose a risk to IoT/Control system devices and highlight how to mitigate these.”
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Philip Marsden, NCC Group, Senior Security Consultant , Telecommunications Practice, November 9th and 10th in London www.industrialcontrolcyberseceurope.com