About Us


To create a community of global leaders with unparalleled knowledge and experience, a common voice for the international Cyber Security industry. To be the first port of call to facilitate discussion and public and private information sharing. Through high value content and a robust network of thought leaders, we raise awareness of global security risks to assist in information sharing and the progression of a safer more resilient society.

Our Mission

To facilitate significant progress in reducing the cyber vulnerability of our critical infrastructures through genuine
teamwork on a global scale between public and private sectors.

Our Undertaking

“Developing resilience with outreach platforms that contribute to the solution.”
Dedicated event initiatives designed to raise awareness regarding issues that require international attention. The Cyber Senate foster collaborative interchanges among infrastructure and security industry stakeholders essential for developing this teamwork.


We address key Cyber topics across industry sectors such as Finance and Banking, Transport, Energy & Power, Healthcare and other verticals the Senate recommends. Our assets include events and podcasts and more.

Cyber Senate is a division of I.O.E Events Ltd, United Kingdom.

Registration number Companies House  08753316, England & Wales

Registration number Companies House

08753316, England & Wales