Cyber Senate are pleased to announce Jacob Margolis, CISO of The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, a regional wholesaler and the largest supplier of treated water in the United States, will be joining us on September 29-30th for the 9th annual Control Systems Cybersecurity USA conference in Florida.

Mr Margolis will be presenting,”Applying a Strategic Approach to Attack Surface Management.” This presentation will look at understanding your attack surface and applying sound defensive principles with existing or when to purchase new capabilities to account for threats to your organization that would leverage the organizations attack surface.

Jake Margolis is the Chief Information Security Officer for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). MWD provides water to over 19 million people in Southern California through 26 member agencies. Jake holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Technology Management and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Prior to joining Metropolitan Water District, he served as the CISO for the County of Orange in California. In his capacity as the County of Orange CISO he has oversaw the development and implementation of multiple countywide cybersecurity initiatives that lead the County to receive an award from the National Association of Counties for its Cybersecurity Program. He has also served as the Information Assurance Manager for the California National Guard and California Military Department and has served in Command and Primary Staff capacities as a US Army Officer.