Best Practices to Continuously Improve and Harden your Industrial OT Monitoring Environment


Dino Busalachi is CTO and co-founder of Velta Technology.

Craig Duckworth, President & Co-Founder Velta Technology.

Velta Technology is comprised of multi-disciplinary industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure experts. They understand the differences between industrial and IT infrastructures, as well as the toolsets required to secure them.

Their experience and partnerships with the world’s leading solution providers in the industrial space allow them to integrate cybersecurity solutions with existing technologies. They bridge the gap in expertise and understanding from industrial assets on the plant floor across to the enterprise.

Join both Dino and Craig at the 10th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Conference in Nashville, TN on the 19th and 20th September, where they will be answering the following questions:

What technical considerations need to be in place, is configuration management part of this tooling -possibly being initiated inappropriately?

How do modern monitoring solutions fit into existing infrastructure? What needs to be considered during technology selection and are the leading solutions interoperable?