Security researcher Chris Kubecka tells Aviation Cyber Security conference attendees about cyber security vulnerabilities

CSO Online Coverage:
Boeing's poor information security posture threatens passenger safety, national security, researcher says

Drug traffickers recruited hackers to breach IT systems that controlled the movement and location of containers.

Drug traffickers recruited hackers to breach IT systems that controlled the movement and location of containers.

Police carried out a series of raids in Belgium and Holland earlier this year, seizing computer-hacking equipment as well as large quantities of cocaine and heroin, guns and a suitcase full of cash.

Fifteen people are currently awaiting trial in the two countries.

Mr Wainwright says the alleged plot demonstrates how the internet is being used as a "freelance marketplace" in which drug trafficking groups recruit hackers to help them carry out cyber-attacks "to order".

"[The case] is an example of how organised crime is becoming more enterprising, especially online," he says.

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Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems

Cybersecurity for Building Management Systems

The digital transformation of the building sector continues to accelerate as global business leaders embrace integrated and intelligent building management and control systems. The drive towards industry 4.0, a more efficient, competitive and disruptive business model, can reduce energy consumption and operating costs while enhancing occupant comfort, safety, security, and business productivity.

Cybersenate launch the Industrial Control Cybersecurity Podcast channel "Where conversations count"

Very pleased to announce the launch of our new podcast channel Cyber Senate Podcasts “Where Conversations Count.” Our guests are handpicked and often key speakers and contributors to our shows. Learn more, share more, network. Stay tuned!


6th annual Industrial Control Cyber Security USA welcomes back Schneider Electric

The Cyber Senate are pleased to announce Andrew Kling will be joining us in Celebration Florida for the 6th annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA conference September 24/25th.

Mr Kling supported us in 2018 and delivered a brilliant presentation on Level 0 and Level 1 Devices. We look forward to hearing his presentation this year and having him on board as a panellist. More information to follow, ensure you check back!


Andy has over thirty-five years of software development experience. He has worked in the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) development organization at Schneider Electric since 2001. Andy has ushered the Schneider Electric Process Automation Development team to the first in the world ISA Secure - Secure Development Lifecycle Assurance certification at multiple development sites, on three different continents. Andy actively participates in developing world-leading cybersecurity standards such as ISA/IEC 62443. In this responsibility Andy is chartered with improving the Secure Development Lifecycle adoption, ensuring that cybersecurity is part of every product produced.

Aviation Cybersecurity

Aviation Cybersecurity

The Cyber Senate Aviation Cybersecurity Conference 2019, takes place in Amsterdam June 18/19th.

Logistics Cybersecurity Threats

Logistics Cybersecurity Threats

Logistics Cyber Security - Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Risk to the Global Logistics Supply Chain

Quickfire Presentations and Discussion: How are we Going to meet our key Cyber Security Objectives?

On March 26/27th in Amsterdam the Cyber Senate host their Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure conference at the Crowne Plaza Schiphol.

Quickfire Presentations and Discussion: How are we Going to meet our key Cyber Security Objectives?

This session will give insights into differing national approaches to Cyber Regulation and Frameworks including the various European implementations of the NIS Directive and the Cyber Security Act and NIST guidelines, and how they are helping to meet the cybersecurity objectives laid out for our global critical infrastructure.

Following quickfire presentations (7 minutes each), we will discuss how we can work towards developing outcome-oriented cybersecurity frameworks.

  • How are we going to prove compliance to Cyber Security Regulations?

  • How are the various frameworks and methodologies effective and where are they deficient?

  • Are we on track to reduce our cyber risk profile?


    Ragnar Õun

    Head of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Department, Estonian Information System Authority

    Ragnar has  worked for the Estonian Information System Authority since December 2016. The Information System Authority ( coordinates the development and administration of information systems ensuring the interoperability of the state’s information system, organises activities related to information security, and handles security incidents in Estonian computer networks. The Critical Information Infrastruc... Read More →

    Meha Shukla

    Cyber Security Risk Assesment Consultant/PhD Candidate, physical & cyber security of smart street infrastructure, UCL

    Meha Shukla is a senior business transformation and assurance manager with 27 years of global experience in shaping, planning, executing and reviewing technology based business change programmes across various industry sectors (Finance, Title insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Automotive... Read More →

    Marc Lindike

    Head of Information Security Assurance, Munich Airport

    Mr. Marc Lindike started at Munich International Airport in 2001 and has been the Head of Information Security Assurance since 2017. In addition he was recently appointed as Chairman of the Cyber Security Taskforce of ACI (Airport council international) Europe and as spokesman for... Read More →

    Jalal Bouhdada

    Founder, Principal ICS Security Consultant, Applied Risk

    Jalal Bouhdada is Founder and Principal ICS Security Consultant for Applied Risk. He has over 15 years’ experience in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security assessment, design and deployment with a focus on Process Control Domain and Industrial IT Security. Jalal has led several engagements for major clients, including many of the top utilities in the wor... Read More →