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Cyber Senate discuss ‘Sustainable Cybersecurity over the Complete Life-Cycle for Rail’ with Christian Paulsen, Product and Solution Security Officer at Siemens, sponsors of the Rail Cybersecurity USA conference February 9/10th online.

Christian drives protecting Mobility portfolio elements against cyber threats. With more than 20 years of experience in rail and utility business he understands the needs of transport customers managing cybersecurity risks along the complete lifecycle of their assets. His background in telecommunication, SCADA and security systems as well as process and project management helped him defining the governance and guidance standards applicable throughout Siemens Mobility.

Christian is Chair of the Cybersecurity group of the European Rail Industry and active with the European Rail ISAC.

Christian’s presentation on February 9th:

The advance and benefits of digitalization in the transport sector and the related need for cybersecurity is undisputed. Operators face new threats and new laws and define new requirements for cybersecurity. These requirements not only take technical implementations into consideration, but also processes and the inclusion of all internal and external stakeholders along the lifecycle of a transportation system. In the presentation our expert gives you an overview over communalities and differences in approaching cyber risk management worldwide. He will share best practices and actionable approaches to secure the rail operation and assets.

Supply Chain Cybersecurity Cyber Senate Control Systems Podcast with Industrial Defender.

Cyber Senate were pleased to catch up with Jeremy Morgan, Principal Risk and Solutions Consultant at Industrial Defender to discuss the panel theme “Supply Chain Cybersecurity” that will take place March 29-31st online for the Cyber Senate Control Systems Cybersecurity Conference 2021 EST. www.industrialcontrolcybersecusa.com
In his role at Industrial Defender, Jeremy helps ICS asset owners build a strong foundation to apply security controls in OT environments. With a diverse career spanning compliance management at a utility to cybersecurity product management for a major OEM, Jeremy has over 20 years’ experience in IT and OT cybersecurity.

You can learn more about Industrial Defender at https://industrialcontrolcybersecusa.com/virtualeventsponsors

7th Annual ICS CyberSec Europe 2020

Digital Transformation, Automating OT: Our Biggest Challenges
Andy Powell 
Maersk Chief Information Security Officer

Discussion includes:
Instrument OT
Automation of Process
Controlling Device Identities

Participants include:

  • Guido Villacis

    EDF Technical Client Organisation

    I&C Cyber Security Lead, PWR Technology

  • George Bearfield

    Rock Rail

    Health & Safety Director

  • Michael H Firstenberg

    Waterfall Security Solutions

    Director of Industrial Security

  • Andreas Klien

    OMICRON electronics GmbH

    Head of Business Development Power Utility Communication

7th Annual ICS Europe 2020 Panel discussion

Moderated by Michael Firstenberg, Director of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions

Panel: “CIA” – confidentiality, integrity, and availability versus Safety and Reliability”

Industrial Control Cybersecurity: A discussion ON “Confidentiality, integrity, and availability versus Safety and Reliability”


On November 4th 2020, Mike Firstenberg, Director of Industrial Security for Waterfall Security Solutions, will be contributing to and moderating a panel discussion for the Cyber Senate to address CIA versus Reliability and Safety.
You can sign up to attend the conference at www.industrialcontrolcyberseceurope.com, make sure you visit Waterfall Security Solutions stand and arrange your one to one meeting with them.

Waterfall Security Solutions is the global leader in industrial cybersecurity, protecting critical industrial networks since 2007. Our mission is to revolutionize how entire industries protect physical assets and industrial processes from cyber attacks. Waterfall’s patented, unidirectional products enable safe IT/OT integration, remote monitoring and diagnostics, cloud connectivity and tamper-proof forensics, without the vulnerabilities that always accompany firewalled connectivity.

The company’s growing list of customers includes national critical infrastructures and utilities, power plants, nuclear plants, water and wastewater systems, offshore platforms, refineries, pipelines, pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing plants, and many more. Deployed world-wide, Waterfall products support the widest range of industrial and remote monitoring platforms, applications, databases and protocols in the market.

As a global leader in industrial control system security, Waterfall contributes routinely to national and international standards, best practice guidance and control system security educational programs. As a result, our products are widely recognized as simplifying compliance with security regulations, standards and best practices. https://www.waterfall-security.com

Mike Firstenberg is the Director of Industrial Security for Waterfall Security

Mike Firstenberg is the Director of Industrial Security for Waterfall Security

Mike Firstenberg is the Director of Industrial Security for Waterfall Security. Mike brings almost two decades of experience in Control System Security, specializing in Control System Cyber Security. With a proven track record as a hands-on engineer – researching, designing, and implementing strategic security solutions, Mike has an established background working with governmental institutions, regulatory authorities, and industrial utilities. The former chair of the American Water SCADA Council, Mike studied Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, and Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, and has served as a speaker and panelist at numerous conferences and events.

Rolling Stock Data Centre Cyber Security

Podcast of Webinar held August 28th 2020

Security Monitoring for Railway Cloud Infrastructure

The digitisation of the rail sector continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, as innovation and the implementation of new technologies to enhance services and customer experiences hail in a new era of connected rail travel. Whilst digitisation improves efficiencies, it also extends the attack surface for cybersecurity incidents across the enterprise.

Cloud computing technology is a key business driver, enabling the sharing of railway information resources, improving the capacity of information processing. However, cloud security monitoring remains a barrier to the full realisation of Cloud’s capability. Deploying security monitoring tools, virtualisation and configuration of event management tools in dynamic environments are just a few of the challenges rail security professionals are grappling with on a daily basis, as well as how security information is shared and how we effectively collaborate within a shared infrastructure.

 Join the Cyber Senate as we dive deeper into the key discussion on Security Monitoring for Cloud Services, as we address best practices in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of cloud computing for the rail network.

PDF presentations are also available, you can also network with past attendees and speakers from our Rail Cyber Security Summit. Join the Rail Cyber Security Group here a 365 day a year engagement peer to peer network.

December 13, 2019 James Nesbitt / Cyber Senate

Achieving IEC 62443-3-3 Security Level 3 for Rail Automation Systems.

The Cyber Senate interviews Markus Alexander Wischy Hernandez, Head of R&D IT Security at Siemens Mobility, about their forthcoming presentation for the 5th annual Rail Cyber Security Summit in London February 18/19th 2020. The presentation is entitled “Achieving IEC 62443-3-3 Security Level 3 for Rail Automation Systems.”

The talk will focus on the strategy achieving IEC 62443-3-3 Security Level 3 compliance for a country-wide, fully digitalized rail automation system. Topics are the current status of standardization, the required central security services and outlook for the protocols required to achieve interoperability. Additionally, the application of this strategy in a large rail-automation infrastructure project is presented at the conference.

This topic would bring together various points:

· Technical security systems and communication protocols

· Standardization, also aiming at the work that is currently done within Shift2Rail IT-Sec Working Group and an overall move of the sector to IEC 62443 compliance.

Visit www.railcybersecurity.com to learn more about this conference.

More Than Turbulence- Aviation Software Vulnerabilities & Exploitation: Aviation Cyber Security

The Cyber Senate welcome special guest, Chris Kubecka, CEO of Hypasec, who will be speaking on our 3rd annual Aviation Cybersecurity Summit in London on November 5/th and 6th. www.aviationcybersec.com
Her presentation: More Than Turbulence- Aviation Software Vulnerabilities & Exploitation

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Cyber Securing Legacy Systems across the Business

Cyber Senate discusses Industry 4.0: Cyber Securing Legacy Systems across the Business with Andrew Kling, Director Cybersecurity and Software Practices, Schneider Electric. Andrew has been one of our guest speakers on our Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA conference for several years and brings a wealth of information to our community of subject matter experts.
In this podcast, Cyber Senate and Andrew Kling dive deeper into the new ISA Global Strategic Alliance and what the means for the industry, supply chain and IoT cybersecurity, the transfer of risk across global businesses and how our perception and culture are changing to mitigate evolving cyber threats.