Enhancing the Protection and Situational Awareness of CS Networks

Department of Defense join the Cyber Senate ICS USA conference to discuss: Enhancing the Protection and Situational Awareness of CS Networks Associated with Critical Infrastructure on DoD Installations and Supporting DoD Missions

The Department of Defense (DoD) relies on a global network of critical infrastructure to project, support, and sustain its forces and operations worldwide. The incapacitation, exploitation, or destruction of one or more of its assets would seriously damage DOD's ability to carry out its core missions. Unfortunately, critical infrastructure is often vulnerable to attacks on underlying control systems which are typically networked and poorly protected, making them easily accessible and at risk from local and remote threats regardless of whether the systems are connected or connectable. Moreover, due to their crucial importance, industrial control systems have increasingly been the target of nation-state, criminal and terrorist activities intended to disrupt and deny services. Adversaries have developed and demonstrated non-kinetic means to disrupt critical warfighting infrastructure, denying our ability to project force and maintain multi-domain dominance.


Daryl Haegley

DoD - Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor to the Secretary of Defense
Director, Cyber Mission Assurance and Deterrence