SUEZ Middle East T/OT Manager discusses ICS Operational Rules

Malek Abutayeh.jpg

Malek Abutayeh, Middle East IT/OT Manager joins Cyber Senate for their 6th annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe conference October 29/30th to discuss “ICS Operational Rules”

His presentation will include: 

  • Why ICS Important for SUEZ

  • History of ICS Attacks into Middle East

  • Cyber-attacks and Critical infrastructure breakdown Risk

  • 10 Operational Rules (slide on each rule)

  • Risks & Challenge

SUEZ Middle East IT/OT Manager, 15+ years’ experience in IT operations and security covering both IT & OT. Focusing on developing and guiding the implementation of the company's Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security architecture, ensuring compliance with SUEZ cyber security controls and standards as well compliance with local ICS regulation.  Implement, operate and maintain security solutions with ICS infrastructure such as firewalls, IDS, and secure remote access. Review risk assessments and audit observations to implement mitigation actions.