Cyber Senate are pleased to welcome back Andrew Kling, VP of Cybersecurity, Schneider Electric to the Control Systems Cybersecurity USA conference being held in Celebration Florida September 29-30th 2022. Our theme this year is “Innovate Securely.” Schneider Electric will be discussing “Innovation within Industrial Cybersecurity.”
The story of OT cybersecurity is primarily told through the broad category of risk management. Risk management includes activities such as awareness (identify, assess), response, and monitor & report. Given these categories, what are our opportunities to innovate in OT cybersecurity? What are our constraints to innovation?

Topics we’ll cover include

  • AI and Machine learning (including Behavioral Analytics)
  • Zero-Trust
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
  • Cybersecurity Automation
  • Incremental and revolutionary innovation
  • Enablers such as cloud, edge compute capacity, and communications bandwidths

The need to continue to evolve cyber defenses is driven by two things an expanding attack surface and cyber adversaries evolving their TTPs. Innovation in OT cybersecurity is essential.

We look forward to meeting you in Florida this September, interested attendees can register here.