Nozomi Networks Shines at Rail Cybersecurity USA Conference

This June, we had the pleasure of meeting Nozomi Networks as sponsors of the Rail Cybersecurity USA conference in Florida. Nozomi’s Regional Sales Director, Ben Callaway, actively participated in the Cyber Senate OT in the Cloud Panel session alongside leadership from Alstom and Amtrak.

Key Discussion Points

During the panel, participants delved into the cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities associated with integrating OT systems into cloud environments. Key topics included:

– Data Breaches: Exploring the potential risks of unauthorized access to sensitive information.
– Network Security: Discussing strategies to protect OT systems from cyber threats.
– Insider Threats: Identifying and mitigating risks from within the organization.

Additionally, the panel examined compliance standards and frameworks applicable to OT systems in the cloud. This comprehensive discussion provided valuable insights into:

– Compliance Standards: Understanding regulatory requirements and best practices for OT cloud integration.
– Successful Security Strategies: Highlighting effective approaches and the challenges faced when securing OT systems in the cloud.
– Best Practices: Sharing practical solutions for overcoming common cybersecurity challenges.

Appreciation and Future Events

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Nozomi Networks for their continued support of our events and to Mr. Callaway for his insightful feedback on the quality and content of our work.

Looking ahead, we are excited to see you all at our Smart Manufacturing event in London this November, as well as our upcoming Rail Cybersecurity conferences in the UK, EU, and USA!

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