Proactive Security for a Data Driven Age presented at Rail Cybersecurity USA May 23/24th in Chicago.

The only certainty in Cybersecurity is that high profile compromises will continue to dominate the headlines. How to prevent the Rail Sector becoming the next headline, when the Data Driven Age requires trackside data to the enterprise connectivity to deliver operational availability? Following the Solarwinds compromise the DOD have selected Zero Trust (ZT) as the preferred solution. This talk looks at how a Proactive Security approach has been used to deliver ZT within the OT environment by protecting the principal root cause of failure. The key takeaways from this talk include understanding the key steps required to deliver OT ZT utilising a Quantum Secure hardware enforced network.

Three Key Points.

1) Protect the Functional Integrity of your most critical data regardless of Industrial Protocol

2) Hardware Based Security to achieve Quantum Secure OT Zero Trust.

3) PL 3 + resilience through the full asset lifecycle regardless of End Point location, legacy or capability.

Victor Lough has over 30 years of industrial control and asset management experience and was in 2006 a foundational member of the Schneider-Electric Cyber Security business, where he has worked on a number of interesting projects, including the delivery of the first paperless trackside signalling upgrade project for Network Rail. Victor is an active NCSC ICS COI member and read Physics with Solid-State Electronics at Heriot-Watt University.