I find attending Cybersenate always reinvigorates my passion for Cybersecurity. Talking to others in the Railway OT world who are passionate and can see the need to do more in this space; technically, legislatively and in terms of training and recruitment makes me want to go back to my company and shake things up again to get us back into gear. I find I take more and more people not only from my team but from across my organisation each year.

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Fantastic team, fantastic speakers, fantastic event

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Great event with a wide range of attendees and a great deal of expertise!

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Great mix of vendors, operators, integrators and authorities that gives a great opportunity to discuss from different viewpoints.

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IT/OT Silos

July 27th, 2023|0 Comments

IT/OT Silos     Brian Hodnet, OT/IT Auditor | Project Management | OT/IT Consulting | OT/IT Maritime Compliance at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.  Brian is speaking at the 10th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Conference in Nashville, [...]

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