Your sales pipeline is most likely made up potential customers who have significant challenges in OT cybersecurity.
By sponsoring, you have the opportunity to bring your clients to a highly regarded event where they can learn from their industry peers and find common ground. Build trust. Utilise your event partnership to succeed. 


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Xona Systems Cybersecurity for Railways

XONA enables frictionless user access that’s purpose-built for operational technology (OT) and other critical infrastructure systems. Technology agnostic and configured in minutes, XONA’s proprietary protocol isolation and zero-trust architecture immediately eliminates common attack vectors, while giving authorized users seamless and secure control of operational technology from any location or device. With integrated MFA, user-to-asset access controls, user session analytics, and automatic video recording, XONA is the single, secure portal that connects the cyber-physical world and enables critical operations to happen from anywhere with total confidence and trust. Visit

Co Sponsors

Atkins Rail Cybersecurity Cyber Senate

Atkins is a world-leading design, engineering and project-management consultancy.

We are in the business of making the world’s infrastructure work better. Using data-rich, virtual and collaborative technologies, Atkins helps clients to make better decisions for complex projects. Our approach and use of cutting-edge technology radically transforms projects and improves results across the entire lifecycle of an asset.

 As we are developing our connected ecosystem, Atkins is unlocking the value in infrastructure data. For our clients this means certainty, sustainability and superior results at every stage of the process.

In industries ranging from healthcare and civil infrastructure to energy, housing and resilience, Atkins provides data-driven expertise that ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget —making the lived environment more human and sustainable.

The result is a world that works better, with communities where people thrive. Visit Homepage | Atkins (


Rail Cybersecurity UK Europe

DB Systel are the digital partner of Deutsche Bahn. We partner with DB business units and external organisations to work on the digitalisation of rail-related processes and create holistic digital solutions that deliver maximum customer value. We implement effective and innovative solutions that meet the highest IT security standards.

Rail Cybersecurity Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks accelerates digital transformation by protecting the world’s critical infrastructure,industrial and government organizations from cyberthreats. Our solution delivers exceptional networkand asset visibility, threat detection, and insights for OT and IoT environments. Customers rely on us tominimize risk and complexity while maximizing operational resilience. Visit

Rail Cybersecurity UK Europe Cervello Security
Cervello helps global rail companies run their mission-critical systems and operations while ensuring security, scalability and resilience across their public, private and hybrid environments.

Cervello offers the market-leading security platform designed to address the unique and evolving threat landscape that rail operations face. The Cervello platform provides passive and unparalleled cybersecurity that gives the confidence to see, secure, and manage every IT, OT, IoT, Signalling, and Rolling Stock asset.
The world’s largest rail companies trust Cervello to minimize cyber threats and avoid critical incidents, thereby driving new levels of safety, performance, competitiveness, and service availability. Visit

Cylus Rail Cybersecurity Cyber Senate Rail Cybersecurity UK EU Conference

Cylus provides rail operators with a specialized cybersecurity solution to ensure service availability and safety.  Combining deep rail and cybersecurity expertise Cylus has pioneered a platform for real-time asset visibility and threat detection across heterogeneous rail operating technology environments.  With customers across the globe, Cylus leads with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution enabling compliance and reducing risks in the face of escalating cyber threats. Learn more at

Radiflow Cybersecurity OT Security Cyber Senate Rail Cybersecurity
Radiflow is an OT ICS cyber security company that offers products and services to detect, monitor, and mitigate cyber risk in ICS environments.
Founded in 2009, Radiflow has offices and partners in Europe, the USA, and APAC. Its field-proven solutions are installed in over 7000 sites around the globe.
RazorSecure Cyber Senate Rail Cybersecurity

RazorSecure are rail cyber security specialists. We offer products and services to enhance railway cyber security by monitoring and protecting networks and their key systems. We deliver this through our flexible approach to cyber security, designed specifically for rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure systems. We currently work with 5 train builders and 9 train operators and we have deployed our solution over 3200 rail vehicles globally.


Pen Test Partners OT security

Pen Test Partners / PTP has been providing cyber security expertise to a huge variety of industries and businesses since 2010. We’re paid to hack and test the security of all sorts of things, as well as providing essential consultancy, incident response, accreditation, and forensics services. We’ve tested ships and rigs (while at sea!), connected and electric vehicles, the power grids and stations that keeps countries running, as well as the payment, transport, and fulfilment systems on which everybody is reliant. That’s only part of the story though. Much of our work is for people who simply require well-reported, robust and thorough cyber security testing. Our portfolio of CREST, CHECK, CBEST, STAR, TIGER and PCI accreditations means that we’re likely to be a great fit for your needs. We also do a lot of security research. We’re pleased to say we have helped get flawed products off shop shelves and enabled manufacturers to improve their security game. It’s all freely available without subscription in the public domain:

Siemens Rail Cybersecurity

Siemens has a wide array of communication products and technologies, purpose-built to provide rail operators with the tools they need to keep their systems running smoothly. From integration with legacy infrastructure, to long-haul fibre backbones and widespread wireless connectivity for mobile and stationary applications – Siemens solutions have you covered.

Siemens offers cybersecurity solutions installed on the RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform product family of cost-efficient Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices – ideal for mission-critical applications in harsh environments.  Together with comprehensive network consulting services, on-site support, security assessments, integration, deployment and training: RUGGEDCOM cybersecurity solutions offer complete peace of mind when it comes to security.

 With global reach, Siemens has the knowledge, experience and solutions to be the complete end-to-end communications provider for the rail industry.


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