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November 11-12 2024 UK

Smart Factory Cybersecurity Summit UK & Europe
Fortifying Manufacturing Excellence through Cyber Resilience

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory Cybersecurity Summit for the UK and Europe emerges as a beacon for industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, and innovators. This pivotal event provides a platform for thought leaders to converge and tackle the pressing challenges in securing smart factories, distribution networks, and supply chains across the United Kingdom and Europe.

As the digital transformation revolutionizes manufacturing, the Smart Factory Cybersecurity Summit delves into the imperative of cyber resilience in smart factories. Our theme underscores the mission to safeguard manufacturing excellence, ensuring that the benefits of Industry 4.0 are harnessed securely and efficiently.

Key Focus Areas:

1. **Cybersecurity Strategies Tailored for European Industries:**
– Explore region-specific challenges and opportunities in the UK and European manufacturing landscape.
– Discuss tailored cybersecurity strategies to fortify smart factories against cyber threats, aligning with local regulatory frameworks.

2. **Distribution Network Security in a Global Context:**
– Examine the intricacies of interconnected distribution networks within the European context and global supply chains.
– Share insights on securing distribution channels to facilitate the seamless movement of goods, both within Europe and across international borders.

3. **Collaborative Approaches to Cyber Threats:**
– Foster collaboration among UK and European industry players, cybersecurity professionals, and academia.
– Share best practices and case studies, emphasizing collaborative efforts to counteract evolving cyber threats targeting smart manufacturing environments.

4. **Innovation and Compliance in Industry 4.0:**
– Explore innovative technologies shaping smart factories and supply chains in the UK and Europe.
– Navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity regulations and standards, ensuring compliance while fostering innovation in the Industry 4.0 era.

**Who Should Attend:**
– C-suite executives and decision-makers from manufacturing industries in the UK and Europe.
– Cybersecurity professionals specializing in industrial control systems and smart manufacturing.
– IT professionals engaged in designing and maintaining smart factories and supply chain networks.
– Researchers, academics, and policymakers contributing to the advancement of cybersecurity in the European manufacturing sector.

Join us at the Smart Factory Cybersecurity Summit for the UK and Europe to be at the forefront of discussions, collaboration, and the formulation of resilient cybersecurity strategies. Together, let’s secure the future of smart manufacturing in the dynamic landscape of the United Kingdom and Europe.

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