Cyber Senate are pleased to announce our new presentation for the 8th annual Control Systems Cybersecurity USA show taking place September 22-24th at Kenzies, Mystics Dunes, Celebration Florida outside of Disneyworld.

A lot of work is being done presently on the Software Build of Materials for the OT industry, to enhance our supply chain resilience. We are pleased to announce Schneider Electric will be addressing geopolitical implications of Software Build of Materials for the OT industry and what we may need to collectively consider.

Andrew Kling,  Schneider Electric, Product Security Officer, asks:
There is a large effort to quickly bring Software Build of Materials for the OT industry. Then what? Impact analysis will in part be faster, but what about provenance? What happens if a US company discovers there is a SW component from China? Or the Chinese discover the component they thought was from Hong Kong is actually from Japan? The geopolitical implications can be significant. How is the drive towards regionalism and away from globalism going to affect our industry?

More about our Presenter: Andrew Kling, Schneider Electric, Product Security Officer
Over his thirty-plus year career, Andy has spearheaded world-class security development initiatives and provided Next Generation solutions as a Senior Architect in the Process Automation industry.