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Vulnerability Mitigations in ICS/IOT


Vulnerability Mitigations in ICS/IOT   Yves Younan is a Senior Manager, Talos Security Intelligence & Research Group at CISCO. Cisco offers an industry-leading portfolio of technology innovations. With networking, security, collaboration, cloud management, and more, we help to securely connect industries and communities Yves is speaking at the 10th Annual [...]

Vulnerability Mitigations in ICS/IOT2023-07-26T10:10:07+00:00

Vulnerabilities and Hacking Techniques in Transportation ICS and IoT


Cyber Senate are pleased to announce Jonathan Pollet, CEO and Founder of Red Tiger Security, will be joining us in London March 21/22 and in Chicago on May 23/24th for the Rail Cybersecurity Summits we will be hosting. Mr Pollet will be providing "Real-life examples of security incidents that have [...]

Vulnerabilities and Hacking Techniques in Transportation ICS and IoT2023-10-25T13:02:15+00:00

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