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Telecoms Cybersecurity UK & EU, 19 April 2023, Virtual Launch

Telecoms keeps the world connected. Protecting cyber-physical infrastructure of the network is imperative to ensure the resiliency of essential services.

At Telecoms Cybersecurity UK & EU we will address how the sector is ensuring security by design and assurance as the communication backbone of digital security, IT, OT and IoT.

As technology develops, our world grows, and as the threat landscape changes, cyber-attacks, specifically against the telecom industry, are on the increase. Given that this industry controls a vast majority of complex and critical national infrastructure, the impact of a successful attack is not only significant, but extensive.

Protecting telecom infrastructure is far from easy. No threat can be tackled in isolation, and threat actors will continue to exploit vulnerabilities in adopted technologies to achieve their goals.

As with all Cyber Senate offerings, the Telecoms Cybersecurity UK & EU will aim to stimulate results-driven conversation and address how our collective intelligence can be better utilised to tackle cyber threats. The goal will be for the telecoms community to share common obstacles and solutions to the cyber threats, including IT, IoT, OT and Digital Security.

Key areas to be explored include:

  • Current trends driving future security guardrails in Telecoms
  • The implications of the The Telecoms Security Act
  • Virtualised networks security considerations
  • The secure integration of IT, OT and smart devices to add value
  • Current cyber threats & mitigation strategies for the communications industry
  • The telecom operator’s view on the Network of Networks

What Job Titles Should Attend?

  • CISO
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • VPs, Directors, GMs, Managers and Leads associated with:
    • IT/IoT/OT Security
    • Cyber Security
    • Information Security
    • Digital Security
    • IT/IoT/OT Operations/Monitoring/Maintenance
    • IT/IoT/OT Architecture
    • Digital Infrastructure
    • Technology
    • Facilities Engineering
    • Security & Resilience

What Industries Should Attend?

  • Telecoms
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Operational Technology SME’s
  • Satellite comms
  • Carriers
  • ISPs
  • Network Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Data Technology
  • Smart Analytics
  • Pen Testing

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