I would like to thank you and your team for accommodating me at the Aviation Cyber Security summit. The event was very informative and the interactions and networking during the summit was of immense value.

— Manager Aircraft Cyber Security, Qatar Airways
“we know that your ‘best in class’ events do contribute greatly to developing peer group thought leadership on cyber security and resilience of ICS. We also value the CPD benefits that attendance at your events always provides.”
— Context Information Security
“I wanted to let you know my Senior Account Executive came back speaking very highly of your show.
Thank you for putting on such a great event for the community.”
— Foxguard Solutions USA

I have attended this event in the past, and this was among the very best organised and balanced event in the sector.
You are doing excellent work. Such events are so hard to get right, and yours are of outstanding quality. This is very rare and very hard to do.

— Prof. Dr. Olaf Maennel Professor of Cyber Security Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia commenting on aviationcybersec.com

“I would like to thank you for arranging last weeks’ Aviation CyberSecurity Summit. The line up of speakers and topics covered was excellent.” SITA

“Thanks for a lovely conference, very interesting!” Rolls Royce

“I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on another successful, invaluable and highly enjoyable event. The organisation and content were yet again amongst the best I have seen for such an event, and I look forward to attending your future summits.” Edinburgh Airport

“Well done for putting together what can only be described as the leading ICS cyber security conference in UK. The quality of the speakers was absolutely excellent and the debate amongst delegates was first class. If you are involved in OT cyber security and resilience and didn’t attend, you missed exceptionally valuable learning and networking.” Robert Orr, Cyber Security Principal Consultant at Context Information Security, former Head of Nuclear Cyber Security, Office for Nuclear Regulation

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for organising this years Cyber / Nuclear event. I just wanted to feed back to you that in terms of the standard of presentations, the team here at NuGen consider this year to be the best one yet. There were several key themes that emerged over the two days that were evidenced by different parties looking at things from their own perspective that ultimately arrived at the same conclusion. This is a powerful demonstration that as an industry, we are heading in the right direction and certainly gives us at NuGen confidence that our approach to IT cyber security, and our forthcoming approach to OT cyber security will be on a good footing.

It really feels like we took a big step forward this year as an industry with regard to cyber security and having a forum like Cyber Senate to reflect on our progress and share ideas is a fantastic resource.
James Pope, C&I Responsible Engineer, CEng MIET, Nugeneration Ltd

This was the best conference focused on Cybersecurity that I’ve been to since last year’s Cyber Senate ICS Cybersecurity conference. The material and sessions were relevant and resonated with the audience. The addition of DHS, NERC and OT speakers provided much needed context for trends in critical infrastructure security. Ayman Al-Issa’s pre-conference message was also on target. I would highly recommend future Cyber Senate events to any asset owners that want information and introduction to technologies that can assist with both compliance and risk-based defensive strategies.

Mark Trump, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant | Critical Infrastructure | ICS | SCADA | LION |, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

We really appreciate the opportunity to attend these events. We are aware of many conferences, workshops, events with ICS security as a headline, some of which even claim that they are the only places where integration of safety and security are discussed! However, in our opinion, your events are the best at providing the right balance between operators, vendors, regulators and government, the right balance between sectors, and providing the right environment and format for some really useful discussion. We see these events as a valuable way to develop our understanding, and as a means to network and explore possibilities for collaboration, information sharing and benchmarking. We hope to be able to attend these future events, and to be able to contribute more as we develop our project and our ICS cyber security programme.
Tim Ennis MEng CEng MIET, Senior C&I Engineer, HORIZON NUCLEAR POWER

“The mission of information sharing involves many stakeholders groups across the entire global community. Cyber Senate captures key thought leaders and works to share information among them and with critical communities. We see Cyber Senate as a highly valuable organization and are pleased to support the good work they are doing.”
ICS ISAC Chair, Chris Blask

I appreciate not only what you do, but how you do it. In matters of both substance and style, you are spot on. Your leadership catalyzes positive transformation at enterprise, sector and cross sector levels.
Fred Hintermeister, NERC

James led an effective and impactful conference for Europe on energy cyber security. He built a strong list of topics and presenters, and included interesting viewpoints from many countries and a diverse range of power constructs, from regulators to operators to suppliers to customers. He designed the conference brilliantly, and ran it flawlessly, a difficult thing to do with people from around the world. He is always professional, but he also knows how to encourage cooperation, and gets things done. I recommend James to anyone who wants to work with the best.
Energy Executive at Capgemini, formerly of Lockheed Martin

The various topics were meaningful and I praise you for gathering the SMEs to present. It was good to hear the open dialogue and injection of questions and comments. Making in roads to IT and OT discussing their concerns at the conference should go far to opening up more avenues to collaborate. I really enjoyed the conference and wish you success in future efforts.
Information Security Manager at Metropolitan Water District of So. CA, Cheyrl Santor

“I was really surprised about the huge presence of utility persons at the Industrial Control Cyber Security Europe event. Jamison has done a great job organizing an event that distinct from other cyber security events I have been to! I will definitely come to the next one.”
Johan Rambi, Privacy & Security advisor | Governance, Risk & Compliance, Alliander

“Great events, intelligent speakers, and good content. Looking forward to the next ones”
ICS – IoT cybersecurity at Sourcefire/Cisco, founder of 1NTERRUPT, Marc Blackmer

I have known and worked with Jamison on several conferences over the years, and congratulate him on delivering another superb event”
Business Manager CMR/Safety at Siemens

I cannot tell you valuable this has been, how rewarding and how much I have learned over the last two days. It has been fantastic! Thank you for inviting us!
Water Utility, City and County of San Francisco

“Thanks so much for the work you put into the US show and providing the quality of presenters and material. I think as long as we can keep up the momentum, awareness, education and drive forward, great things are going to happen.”
BAE Applied Intelligence Headline Sponsors

“I really enjoyed the summit and hope there will be another one in Sacramento next year.”

“It was an excellent event and I wish you all the best with the efforts. There is a huge potential and I commend you for booking good speakers. I have made recommendations to my security colleagues that this is one to look out for as one with better structure and content than other European conferences”
Henrik Magnusson, Enterprise Architecture, Scottish and Southern Energy

“Thank you for putting on an excellent event. Tony Coatsworth and myself both found the ICS Europe Summit extremely useful and informative.”
Tony McCabe, Lead Solution Architect , ENWL