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Cyber Securing
Business for the
Rail Sector

Dec 01, 2020 at 11:00 AM GMT

Cyber Senate thanks Airbus CyberSecurity for sponsoring this webinar.

On December 1st 2020, the Cyber Senate will be hosting a webinar on “Cyber Securing Critical Business for the Rail Sector.” We are pleased to be joined by Airbus CyberSecurity and Northern Rail, a collaborative effort that will dive deeper into why the rail sector should be including cyber as a business risk in their overarching strategy, a look at the cyber threats and impacts to the sector, how to better mitigate supply chain risk and lessons learnt from Airbus CyberSecurity’ experience with their customer base across CNI and how to comply with the NIS directive.


Maintaining Capability and Threat Intelligence

August 27th 4pm -6pm BST
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Cyber Senate will be discussing how critical infrastructure operators have maintained their threat intelligence to ensure operational capability and protect the continuation of services. What lessons have been learned in threat intelligence preparedness, the key role of threat intelligence and a panel session to address how we can overcome the digital transformational challenges in shaping threat intel strategies in our present landscape.

Confirmed Presenters include:

Chief Information Security Officer, Sellafield

CISO, Maersk

Manager Nuclear Cybersecurity at ENGIE Electrabel

Manager Cyber Security Nuclear Fleet at Exelon Nuclear

Rolling Stock as Data Centers

A rail cyber security Series webinar

August 28th 2020

AI, machine learning and big data analytics are creating a new paradigm for OEM’s, but how are they ensuring safety, reliability and cyber security of real time data access, data in transit, cloud, on board control systems and control centers?

As rolling stock business models change with the introduction of new technology, digitisation and big data solutions, implementation of IoT or the “The Internet of Trains,” enables the consolidation of large volumes of data with business processes and IT systems, creating rolling stock data centers in their own right. With new service offerings for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, passenger information systems and a plethora of onboard connected sub systems on the rise, bundled data from the vehicles, the infrastructure, and the operations are just the beginning. 

Do railway organisations understand the value of staying in control of the rolling stock data and do they understand the cyber security implications of digitised assets when considering costs in new assets and refurbishment of older systems?

We will dive deeper into Rolling Stock Data Centers in our new webinar, providing insight into the cyber security considerations around new business models, challenges and what we need to consider during design and implementation


Call for Presenters and Sponsors

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IoT Security


Do organisations understand the IoT ecosystem and the inherent nature of connectivity across physical and network security? How can the critical infrastructure, smart cities, buildings and transport sectors better define its processes, monitor its technologies, and establish measures necessary to protect IoT devices as well as the networks they’re connected to?

Security Monitoring for Railway Cloud Infrastructure (ended)

The digitisation of the rail sector continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, as innovation and the implementation of new technologies to enhance services and customer experiences hail in a new era of connected rail travel. Whilst digitisation improves efficiencies, it also extends the attack surface for cybersecurity incidents across the enterprise.

Cloud computing technology is a key business driver, enabling the sharing of railway information resources, improving the capacity of information processing. However, cloud security monitoring remains a barrier to the full realisation of Cloud’s capability. Deploying security monitoring tools, virtualisation and configuration of event management tools in dynamic environments are just a few of the challenges rail security professionals are grappling with on a daily basis, as well as how security information is shared and how we effectively collaborate within a shared infrastructure.

 Join the Cyber Senate as we dive deeper into the key discussion on Security Monitoring for Cloud Services, as we address best practices in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of cloud computing for the rail network.

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